Shaft Materials

Shafts are made of various materials from plastic to aluminum to titanium.  Nylon shafts are less expensive, but break more easily than aluminum.  You may also wish to pair your nylon shafts with rings to help hold on the flight.   Aluminum shafts are our most popular sellers.  And you may wish to pair your aluminum shafts with o-rings (washers) to help them from coming loose.


Shaft Selection 

Spinning shafts are most useful if you group your darts tight and tear a lot of flights.  The purpose of a spinning shaft is to rotate the flight out of the way of an incoming dart so the following darts track on into the board.


Shaft Length

Shaft measurements are listed on the individual shaft pages as they are approximations and may vary with style.  As for finding the correct shaft length for you, it may most likely be a matter of trial and error.  

All Shafts Sold in sets of 3