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Robson Plus Flights


The built-in shaft protector eliminates the inconvenience and cost of punching holes for the shaft protector such as stem rings, aluminum band, champagne and shell lock rings.  These holes further weaken the flight that may lead to tearing and ripping of the plastic.  The built-in capsule protector protects the shaft and eliminates robin-hooding through its basic design.




The universal shaft slot eliminates the cost of using expensive specialized shafts to fit the flight and eliminates the inconvenience of adjusting to using the specialized shafts that comes with other designs.  Any regular nylon shafts will tightly fit the Plus Flight and other types of shafts also fit the slot.  The universal shaft slot makes the Plus Flight very cost effective.


The Plus Flight is designed with a reinforced wing protector to minimize the tearing and ripping of plastic flights.  By reinforcing the most common site of ripping in the plastic flight, the Plus Flight is more durable and will last longer than other plastic flights.

The built-in flight protector protects the flight from robin-hooding and helps fortify the 90 degree angle of the wing span.  The thickness of the wing span appropriately meets the need to maintain the cross-form of the 90 degree angle.